11 Nov 2014

Where we live

So we recently moved to a new town and although it is only ten minutes up the road it wasn't a place we had explored much. 

So it's been fun finding and trying out the new shops, cafés and parks. Since the Baby is now allergic to his pram we've started taking him on Sunday walks in the forest behind our neighbourhood. 

He loved exploring in his little wellies and splashing in the puddles. It got dark very quickly and was quite marshy and so he had to be carried some of the way. He gets quite heavy nowadays! 

There is a railway track running alongside the forest and the Baby likes to listen to the trains going past. He likes picking up sticks and banging the bushes. 

We got photo photobombed by a dog! The baby is very curious about dogs but gets a bit scared when they bark at him. He likes them from a distance shall we say. Similar to his mother!

Where do you like to spend your Sunday afternoons?


  1. Awhhh the perfect Sunday! We try to spend ours outside in woods or parks or local gardens followed up by hot drink and food!

  2. The forest looks lovely! bad news about being allergic to the pram - will he ever go in a sling or too wriggly now? You'll always find us up a hill/mountain on a Sunday afternoon!! x


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