6 Nov 2014

Guilty Pleasures

So motivation to blog was running at a low today, but I want to follow this through.

I looked at some of the blogvember topics, to give me a kick start, and this one caught my eye.

I have many, some I am more or less inclined to share than others.
So I just asked The Belgian for his opinion on my guilty pleasures and he said hummus and scrapbooking. I don't think he really understands the concept.


1) Instagram - I am crazy addicted to both instagraming my life and catching up (read - stalking) other people's lives on it. I have been known to buy crockery seen on Instagram, feel like life always looks better through a filter and have planned days out depending upon how Instagram worthy they are. I have to check on it the minute I get in, before I go to bed and sometimes when I wake out of habit at 4 am.

2) Country and Western music. This had early roots as my dad played a lot of country records and cassettes when I was growing up. Our particular favourite was Crystal Gayle and I still know all of the words to her greatest hits. When I studied in Georgia I went more mainstream with a passion for Tim McGraw and Dixie Chicks. I love that the songs are all stories. Much better than that new fangled dance music which is nothing more than a bass line and repetitive lyrics. Country music has heart and soul. Oh and a truck named Bessie.

3) Sales. Discounts. Coupons. I will travel like thirty miles just to cash in on a ten pound off groupon coupon to get my hair done. I know I'm probably spending the same amount of money in petrol, but I can't resist a bargain. I get those money off emails in my inbox and think 'wow 25% off I need to see what I can get in Gap as this deal is too good to pass up on!' Even if I don't need anything. Just cos. Give me a store card to give me points and I will shop there to see them rack up and then after spending thousands I will get £10 off my shop. A free shop? Such a thrill! 

Am I right?

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  1. Donuts are definitely a guilty pleasure for me. I've never met a donutI didn't like


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