22 Nov 2014

52 Saturdays: Birthday celebrations!

Today we headed into a very festive looking Leeds. We instantly regretted it when the crowds were closing in on us and I had run into too many peoples' feet with the pushchair! Who goes into town so close to the big event?

However, as shopping was not our purpose we headed to the top floor of Harvey Nichols to our fav lunch spot in Leeds. The Belgian got to chose where we were eating as it was his birthday and so He chose Yo Sushi, a firm fav of ours (cue link to previous blog post and layout) and it helped that when you sign up online you get a third off voucher on your birthday. 

We treated ourselves to dish after dish and some filling miso soup for a very reasonable price. The Baby had pineapple and mango coconut water and plain noodles. He also enjoyed playing with the emdame beans and charming all of the ladies in the queue. As usual! He was also a lot happier out of his highchair and sat on a big seat next to daddy.

Afterwards we went to check out the Lidl outside of town as I keep seeing gorgeous kitchen toys that I am after for a certain Baby's stocking. However they weren't stocking them and so we just indulged in some of their Christmas treats. The chocolate Santas are for celebrating Saint Nicholas on the 6th.

When we arrived home the Baby pottered around. Played with some at dough and sensory bits and watched the footy with daddy.

Then dinner time, bath and bed so that mummy and daddy can watch some Netflix and do some sofa surfing! 

Did you brave the shops today? I have decided that I will only Christmas shop on my days off or online!

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  1. I've done more shopping online this year. But yes I need to head to Lidl because they have the best Gingerbread House kits


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