8 Nov 2014

52 Saturdays

I saw a really cute notebook / diary in the gorgeous stationary department at Salts Mill called 52 Saturdays. I was racking my brains over who I could buy it for. When I realised sadly that I just wanted it for myself.

It made me think though that Saturdays are so rare and precious that they should be recorded. Imagine if I had documented my Saturdays in my single days compared to nowadays with my little family. How different they would be?

So today started with a lie in. Normally the Belgian takes the Baby swimming at 8. So after I've packed their swimming things I get to go back to bed. No swimming today but I did lie in till 9.30 and woke to a freshly cooked pain au chocolate. Ohh la la!

The Belgian did some web surfing whilst I  finished last nights dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I built towers for the Baby to pull down and we played with his favourite thing right now...cars.

We made play dough monsters with some autumnal coloured sensory play. He started eating the sequins and tipping the tray up so we put it out of reach for a while. 

He napped 12.30-1.30 then had cream cheese on toast, pear as raisins for lunch. During nap time I made a start on my mountain of marking and planning. I  being observed fake Ofsted style on Monday and needed the peace and quiet to get my head round things.

We tried a new cafe in the next town for lunch. It's Italian and the Belgian had a panini and I had a flat bread pizza. We were really impressed as it's all cooked fresh to order and you can choose three of your own toppings. They also had different drinks like San Pelligrini which makes a nice change from the usual. The Baby had a chocolate milk in a glass bottle and drank from a straw and looked very grown up. I didn't take any pictures as we were so hungry. I will be back though and may do a review of it for fellow Leeds folk.

We wondered round the charity shops with the Baby holding both our hands, again so very grown up. 

We headed home and just chilled for a bit. The Belgian and the Baby skyped his grandparents in Bruges whilst I baked some pumpkin and cream cheese puffs with some pastry that needed using up. They were pretty tasty.

The Belgian and the Baby headed out, with the pastries, for a fireworks display and bonfire at our friends house. We rescued the baby carrier my dad used for me from our garage so that the Baby wouldn't go near the bonfire! 

Cinderella stayed home and did more planning and marking with several episodes of Parenthood on in the background. I seriously love that programme and it routinely makes me cry. As does marking and planning, but in an entirely different way!

My boys returned home later than arranged and I my momma heart was upset to hear that my little baby screamed for the whole display. I felt guilty, like I should have been there, or he should have been wearing ear muffs! 

I snuggled with him and read him a few stories before putting him to bed. The Belgian and I watched x-factor with Brie sandwiches and cooking chocolate. Cos you know sometimes a girl just needs some and it's all your have in the house!

What has your Saturday looked like?

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