20 Nov 2014

Difference between men and women...

So tonight I had parents evening (yeah I know on my day off!) and so the Belgian was in charge of dinner, bath and bed time all on his own. 

I arrived back at 8:30 and can you imagine what I found?

The top picture shows the bath which had toys everywhere and was still full of bubbles. 

The Babies' clothes were strewn across the floor along with a just stepped out of wet nappy.

Dinner dishes were strewn across the kitchen along with a half eaten pizza.

Toys littered the floor in a car, block and duplicate explosion.

 The Belgian was no-where to be seen, but was finally found asleep in bed.

Who says that men can't multi task?


  1. Ah! There must be others nodding their heads in agreement at this familiar story! Hoping he cleared up in the morning and brought you some tea :).

  2. ...haha it was tiring work then x

  3. Aw, he must have worn himself out hahaha


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