7 Nov 2014

Friday Finds...

Here are some links to things I have been loving lately:-

1) I would never identify myself as either a fashionista or a fashion blogger, but the whole capsule wardrobe concept has caught my eye recently. I love Elise's blog for her gorgeous Project Life layouts and stationary, but I loved her capsule wardrobe post and it got me thinking. She also linked to this glam gal's blog all about minimalist fashion. It has made me re-evaluate my current wardrobe and definitely made me think differently when shopping. I may even do my own post soon - you never know!

2) Not sure if it's capsule wardrobe or not, but I love this cute sweater for winter.

3) This cushion is the cutest thing ever - can I have one?

4) These turkish delight chocolate brownies sound so tasty and the perfect antidote to this miserable weather in Leeds! To get the recipe you have to donate to Children in Need so your helping a good cause too!

5) And lastly cos its Friday and I love this song and this is funny and silly. Did I mention that's its Friday?

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