15 Nov 2014

52 Saturdays...

Today started with a lovely lie in for mummy whilst my two boys went for an early morning swim. Breakfast was toast and pancakes for the Baby - swimming always makes you hungry. I did some dishes and other fun jobs like laundry. 

I built the bricks into towers and he pulled them apart whilst daddy had a snooze. We played with his cars and trucks. He loves anything with wheels nowadays. 

The baby napped for a record two and a half hours. I made a scrapbook page of his first birthday after being inspired by Jill Sprott's colourful and vibrant layout. 

The Belgian and I had pumpkin soup and salt and pepper crusted white bread. Then he headed to the garage with he sander whilst the Baby and I headed off on a play date.

We ended up at a huge soft play centre and the Baby was in his element diving and climbing and dancing and driving and whizzing down the slides head first!

We had hot dogs and baked potatoes for tea. We read some books and then had bath time where the Baby decided it was fun to throw all his toys out of the bath! He was pointing to the sink and making noises and I realised he wanted his toothbrush. I wouldn't say he brushes his teeth but he likes sucking on it!

The Belgian and I pigged out on donuts and Chips Ahoy popcorn cookies whilst watching three episodes of Greys Anatomy in a row.

How did your Saturday look?

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