10 Nov 2014

Me on a Monday

It's been an up at the crack of dawn, super organised and prepared for a big pressure day at work, obsessed with target grades, pushing, coaxing, encouraging, offering baby wipes to a Year 10 boy with his girlfriends lipstick, literally, on his collar and this question from a Year 7, "can I draw someone being hung?" Gorging on custard filled donuts and a peruse round the supermarket as a special treat for a stressful day at work. Then back to the grind with marking and planning. Roll on my day off... This cheeky face at bath time helped a lot!


  1. I hope it went well for you and that the rest of the week is uphill from here!

  2. you sound busy..nice to have that cheeky man give you smiles to brighten your day x


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