1 Nov 2014

November Blogging Challenge

So I remember last November a challenge going around blogland to blog every day in November and I have just decided that perhaps this is the push I need.

I have all of these at stories and ideas going round in my mind that never make it to 'print.' I have read many interesting blog posts recently about the decline in blogging - in fact the lovely Lexi Bridges has the tag line Instagram killed my blog on her Instagram and this is so true. Now you can instantly share a layout, mini book or card straight away and make it look pretty with a nice filter - so why take the time to blog it too?

I especially found this article by Ashli over at Purple Mail Box to be pertinent about the decline of blogging - we have become a scrolling society who want all of our information in small sound bites. I waste so much time nowadays on social media pinning projects and checking others people's out on instagram and twitter rather than actually creating and doing the things that I love. Silly really. But inspiration can help - only if we act upon it I guess.

Well I enjoy writing and I have always struggled to fit what I have to say into a text or a sound bite. In fact I was famed at uni for leaving three part answer phone messages as I struggled to fit it all into one message! Why should I condense? This is my space...

Perhaps I don't blog because most of my photos nowadays are taken on my phone and so the quality is not the best. But then you start I wonder why you blog and who for and so in order to blog everyday I am going to embrace imperfections. I have so much to share but so little time.

So today I will just leave you with a Saturday selfie of my boy and I. We took a little autumnal stroll to the shop this morning for a Saturday paper. I decided to leave the pram at home and he just walked clutching onto my hand with his pudgy little hand. Before he always hated having to hold hands and wanted to run off and do his own thing, but he has improved lately and is holding our hands really well. He had a soggy, half eaten rice cake in the other hand. His new winter Parker all zipped up tight and his stripy bobble hat on - and miraculously it stayed on! 

He is growing up so quickly that sometimes it is nice to pause and capture a moment.

Anyone else want to join in the challenge? I do realise I am posting this quite late and so you may decide to join on tomorrow - that's okay too! Or just commit to blog more in November...


  1. I read Ashli's post and agreed with so much of it I left a comment. Bets of luck with the every day blogging. I've been using phone photos for my Monday posts because they are easy and quick ..without my phone I'd probably never get "mondays" posted

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet shout out! Great post! And, I love that cute picture of you two :)


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