23 Nov 2014

Sunday Scrapbooking: July Project Life

I have loads of Project Life spreads to share. These are from July when a certain baby turned one and we threw him a pirate party.

Since my talented sister, Gem, was taking the photos I kept the layouts simple to just keep the focus on the stunning photos.

These were some of the first spreads that I did and I didn't have much product so I just tried to find any black, white or red cards from the few part kits I had.

This stamp was a great find in the £1 bin at Hobbycraft and I used it for a lot of the small touches at the party - like the napkins and signs on the buffet table.

I used wrapping paper and some of the larger Project Life cards to fill these bigger pockets. This is my least favourite size to work with but I had purchased the variety pack and these are what I had left to work with! 

Again stamping was the main embellishment and I used it to provide minimal journalling to enhance and tell the story of the day.

The front side of the top layout and a similar approach. I included the invite to tell some of the details of the day.

Lastly the helium balloons which helped everyone to find our house as we had just moved a month prior to the party. 

A close-up of the smartie cookies which were a hit on the day - again thanks to my talented sister Gemma.

So that is my Sunday scrapbooking shared and in the meantime I will bask in smugness that I have actually managed 23 days of blogging in a row. What have you been creating lately?

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