27 Dec 2010

So this is *our* Christmas...

We asked my mom to take a picture of us by the tree - she is not the greatest photographer in the world and so she got half the tree and half the fire. Inside our crackers were Who am I stickers and so we played a round of this. My dad tries to overcomplicate matters though and can't just answer yes or no. He was Simon Cowell and he was doing a little run through of all the info as he went and then wanted to contest some of our answers afterwards! As you can see I have a habit of tying the bows from the pressies on my head and seeing how many I can get on there. Above is our Christmas table. My mom likes everything to look nice and I think I inherited my creativity from her - altho I prefer to display it in the kitchen and in the scrapbook room. I baked a lime and coconut drizzle cake yesteryda and will post it and the recipe later this week. My husband was very pleased with his new atlas from my mom. I was sure this huge box was a canvas of our wedding pic and instead was equally as happy to find a huge amount of scrapping stash. The things I was happiest about was finding two huge albums as I have loads of pages that need to be filed away and sorted into albums. Don't you just love the new heart snood the hubster got me? I am wearing it day in and day out. I also got some beautiful red, heart patterned, fleecey pjs and am snuggled in them now. We braved the sales today in Birmingham and it was madness. I also slipped on some ice and banged my head so have a nice little egg and a headaches now! Not to be recommended - tred carefully! What did you all get from santa? Don't forget to check out my giveaway which is now ending on the 29th as I have to go to London tomorrow to pick my sister up at the airport. Woo hoo!!

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  1. Mel, I'm so glad you all had a great time, and I am one jealous lady as I want all that lovely stash you have :) :) enjoy and I cant wait to see the LO's you create with all that lovelyness.
    Ju xx


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