14 Dec 2010

Duvet day * Sniff! *

Since Friday night I have been riddled with this awful sore throat, tickly cough, aching joints and head ache and I battled through school yesterday but am now having a day off as it doesn't do my throat any favours shouting at kids all day long. So this comes from my duvet...my poor neglected blog. The funny thing is I have scrappped a lot recently but the borrowed camera is now having a few technical issues and i still can't figure out the SLR I got on ebay. So I can't share! Good news is I won this RAK from the lovely Darlene. It is coming up to my one year blogiversary and I am planning a RAK for that. So tell your friends. I am hoping to get up to 40 followers by then as my blog has hit a plateau. Here are the goodies I will be recieving - yay! In other news my sister Mara has arrived safely in Turks and Caicos to spend Christmas with my little sister Gems and her husband. I am *trying* not to get too jealous. Check out her blog if you wanna see more.
How clear is that water?? Seriously?!
However if baking is more your thing at Christmas then check out her baking blog where she has just made these delicious looking brownies - hello! Trouble is I don't even have an appetite - now that is how you know that I am sick!
So there you have it. I am still alive, perhaps not kicking, and wanted to share a few pics with you.


  1. Hiya Mel,
    Sorry i've not been past for a while, blogging has taken a back deat to lots of illness, my two darling little ones have had colds and sickness bugs [fingers crossed they are on the mend now but it feels like forever since they have both been well]
    I'm sorry to here that your feeling poorly, you need a warm blanket, chocie and a hot drink and relax on the sofa Honey.
    Take Care of yourself - Ju xxx

  2. Sorry you're not feeling too hot. Feel better REALLY soon!

  3. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too well Mel. I have just become a follower, sorry it took me so long, being caught up with Scrap that Poetry and setting up my blog. Would love you to follow if you could. http://myworldofscrap-hippychic.blogspot.com/

    I love that you went to Malta for a holiday. My family came from there and I still have cousins over there that I would love to see. She actually sent me a calendar yesterday and such a pretty place and the water looks spectacular.
    I will visit now more often.
    Love Liz


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