4 Dec 2010

All geeked out...

So the geek party was a great success. We kept track of who the biggest geek of the evening was with our chart giving points for different activities like Articulate, Geek Quiz and bomber man tournament. We gave our guests geeky alter ego names and had a prize for the best geeky costume.
The game of the night...bomberman. Do you remember how great this game is? And addictive?
Lord and Lady of the Geek Manor! Lovin' the plaster on the glasses.
Our table of geeky treats.
A geeky first kiss...
And last but not least (for the party pics) the hosts - Melly and Arnold.
And whilst I am in the middle of a mega post I thought I would include this Shimelle inspired layout I completed of our Christmas Krispy Kremes.
Lots of border stickers, ribbons and stamping.
So there you go...what did you all get up to this festive weekend?

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  1. How fun was that party? Very nice theme too. :) Super sweet layout as well. :)


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