28 Nov 2013

Musings on Motherhood: My Baby is Four Months old!

You are such a sociable little boy and when we go anywhere you work the room looking from face to face for a reaction. Most people grace you with a smile and then you beam back at them with your million dollar smile (as Granny says your whole face lights up). You are a happy chappy and love babbling away to yourself and exploring your toys. You are really enjoying all of the toys hanging from your baby gym and especially love the big sheep head with crinkly ears. You also love holding the ribbon ring that 'Auntie' Hannah made for you. You have recently started clutching onto your blankie and will probably take after your mummy with a comfort blanket. You have also spent a lot of this month chewing on your fingers and hand - I think you are teething. We are going through about three dribble bibs a day!
Your new trick is 'standing up' and you just 'plank' all the time - making it tricky to get you into your car seat or baby bouncer without karate chopping your middle! You also love blowing bubbles and look very pleased with yourself for managing it. You are trying to roll over and when you're having tummy time and can roll onto your back (or fall as some would see it). We love going to baby sensory classes and you have just started water babies with daddy and you love, love, love being in the water. You look so cute gliding along like a little seal in your wet suit.

You have had a sickness bug this month and it has taken you a while to get over - in fact you are still doing some pretty explosive nappies. Mummy pretends she doesn't love it when you want to snuggle on her chest for hours. It is no secret that she hasn't enjoyed laundering the three outfits a day you have been going through!
We had a visit from auntie Mara and enjoyed a day out to the pumpkin patch when daddy went on tour with his football team to France. We all went out for a meal for daddy's birthday and you were very well behaved. We also visited the grandparents in Hodnet and granny enjoyed lots of snuggles with you. Grandad was very impressed with how strong you are and how close to rolling over you are. He pushed you all around a craft fair like a very proud grandad.
You have continued to put weight on well and feed well every two and a half to three hours of between 4-6 mils, but in the last week you are clearly putting on a growth spurt and are now draining bottles of 8 mils. I think you are getting a bit tired of milk and are always eying up our food - it will be fun to wean you in January. 
You are also becoming more sociable with other babies and I can see that you are going to be a friendly and confident young man. You have been reaching out and holding hands with other babies - or pulling their hair like the cheeky monkey that you are.
You are falling into more of a routine with your sleeping and the last few nights we have been following a new bed time routine and you have fallen asleep around 7pm and so we've had an evening together - score. Previously you were sleeping from about ten till four and then waking again at 7 for a feed. I miss our lie ins till nine as you get up earlier on the new regime.  

Mummy and daddy:-

We are still totally obsessed with you. The sickness bug we all caught knocked the wind out of our sails a bit and there were some very tiring days with a fractious little baby with a poorly tummy. Mummy is really enjoying being home with you and we love to play, take walks in the pram and go to all the groups. She already feels sad at the prospect of leaving you one day to go back to work. Recently you only like being fed by mummy and she pretends to be put out by this, but secretly likes being so wanted and loved by you. 
Daddy finds he is tired after work and often needs a little power nap - on the floor, or with you in bed. He has the ability to make you laugh and giggle the most by pulling silly faces.  The other night I was making dinner whilst he watched you and there was a lot of noise coming from the lounge. I came through and daddy was standing on the revolving sofa with a tambourine and music blaring from the radio - you were sitting in your baby bouncer killing yourself laughing. What a pair of nutters! 
Daddy is really excited to take you to Belgium at New Years and for his dad and grandparents to meet you. Mummy is really excited for Christmas and putting up a tree full of twinkling lights to beguile you.
We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

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  1. ahhh...a lovey record of your time with your little man x


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