12 Nov 2013

12 weeks in one layout...

I love all the chalk board cuteness going on on pinterest and in the world of scrapbooking.
In those frustrating weeks waiting for my baby boy to make an arrival I purchased a mini chalk board on that well known bidding site.
When it arrived I was a bit surprised exactly how small it was.
My plan had been to write messages on and to take pictures of the baby 'holding' it. Things like 'thank-you' and it turns out all I could really fit was numbers.
So each Thursday I took an instax mini picture of him for the first 12 weeks to chart his growth and how he changed. 
I didn't quite manage every week and so I used a journalling card as the title and to replace the missing picture. (I do think that I got all of them on my digital camera but it wouldn't have fitted in.)

I really enjoyed making this layout and using up all my scraps. 
I also stamped and added washi tape and wood veneers to add some texture.
Washi tape added colour and interest to the mini poloroids. 

I don't want to be the cliched mummy, but he really has grown up so fast and changed so much.
These photos aren't perfect (and they aren't even the outtakes!) so you can imagine...but I like that. That is the point of instax - it captures the moment and you can't just delete them like digital pictures. 

This layout makes me smile. 
What has made you smile today?


  1. It's epic to the max! love it soooo much! it's so good you remembered to do it every week and is such a great document of his first 3 months of life! I love that it's not 'matchy matchy' and teh contrasting stars, spots, stripes and chevrons! Those little instax pics are so cute :) and what has made me smile today...the prospect of seeing my favourite nephew very very soon!!! so make it happen idaho! xxx

  2. love it Mel - its super cute!! :)

  3. love it Mel! Its super cute!! :)

  4. It's a beautiful page! I love the progression of little pictures and the way you have pulled them all together on the page. Dare you to keep on going, filling pages like this til he's - 18 at least!

  5. this is a lovely way to document the early days. I took a photo on the same day every month for a year with one of mine x

  6. Your page is lovely - the most,important thing is,the documentation, even if you think the photos are not your best. I bet you will never regret making this page!

  7. love this idea! it's awesome! I also love the grid design.


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