22 Nov 2013

Foodie Friday: Toast in Ilkley


In my family we are all big fans of sour dough bread and so on a recent mummy and baby trip to Ilkley I spotted this cute new cafe and had to pop in to check it out.
I loved the cute little touches with the decor, like the mini Hovis loaf tins and the metal drums to house the loaves for sale.
The menu is fairly limited and is based around toast and the idea of comfort eating - perfect for a chilly November day in Yorkshire. 
It was reasonably priced and would be a perfect place to stop for some homemade cake and a hot drink.
I went for the special of the day - Tomato and carrot (I think?) soup. I should really write these things down. It was tasty, hot and perfect accompanied by home baked sour dough bread lathered in butter. I do feel that they were a bit mean with their portions of bread - but then I do love it so...
I also had a big mug of hot chocolate and that was very welcome on this autumnal day.
There was a raised table and stool at the front of the cafe that was perfect for parking my pram besides. The Baby likes lots of eye contact and smiles and so he enjoyed this very much.
The waitresses made a fuss of him and service was quite good.
They have only been open for a few months, so if you are in the area then pop in for a snack or light lunch.
Plus Ilkley is a very pretty little town and has great charity shops (thrift shops to my American friends) and so you could bag a bargain whilst you're at it. 

What is your favourite type of bread? 

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