25 Nov 2013

Mini Memory Mondays: Fifteen minute layouts

Recently I have had a few questions asking about how I manage so much baby scrapbooking when I have a real live baby to deal with. 
I have been loving Ashli's series on fitting it all in and agree with her advice to just scrap whenever you can and to leave your projects out so that when you have a spare few minutes you can quickly do a small part of your layout. 

However it is difficult when you don't have a specific scrap space - I used to but now it is The Baby's nursery so I use our dining room table. As we all know scrapping gets messy - my supplies explode all over the table, chairs and floor - and then we need to eat! Sometimes I can convince The Belgian to go for lap suppers and leave a project out for a while and then I am far more likely to scrap.

My best times to scrap are during nap times, late at night when The Baby is asleep or when The Belgian is at home and 'on duty' (as we call it!). I like Ashli's advice about avoiding the internet vacuum. I can seriously spend hours browsing pinterest, facebook, instagram and twitter but if I get straight to scrapping I get a lot more done and it is more satisfying than mindlessly pinning pages you wish you could be producing.

So why were these three layouts so quick?

1) I used scraps from other projects so that I didn't have to sift through all of my papers

2) I used papers from 12 by 12 pads that are already co-ordinated so that I don't have to think about colour co-ordination

3) I embellished with buttons, stamps, stickers and thickers and I keep a grab box of my favourite embellishments close by when I scrap

4)  Use washi tape or staples as adhesive - super quick and no drying time

5) Use stamps or stickers as the title so that you don't have to think of a clever title

6) If they are 'just because' pictures you don't always need journalling and so they are even quicker to complete

What are your scrapping quick fixes?

(These pictures break my heart a little bit as my baby is four months today and he is not that little helpless baby with milk spots on his nose anymore...sigh...four month's post coming soon...)


  1. Not much longer now and you'll be looking for a playpen so that you can keep him away from a work in progress! Your pages are lovely and well worth every moment you can find to work on them. I get my fastest pages done when I have lots of photos already printed.

  2. Great tips and lovely pages. My dinning room sounds very much like yours...x


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