23 Nov 2013

7 Highly Irritating Habits of a Husband

So in a spirit of love and banter I have been planning this list in my head during the night feeds:-

1) Washing only three items he needs for work / football when the washing basket is full

2) Refusing to be in any photos (hence why I have to take them when he is asleep)

3) The non-verbal feedback on my driving, for example sighing, pressing the pretend brake pedal, wincing and occasionally (and most annoyingly) reaching across and beeping the horn when he feels I have been wronged!

4) Watching documentaries about serial killers - seriously?

5) He has lots of really nice jumpers - Ted Baker, Next, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara - and yet he always wears the same grungy, grey hoody from Primark. Like every day.

6) He answers the landline and then, without saying anything, hands it to me to speak. When I am totally unprepared. Grrr.

7) He hangs his bath towel over the shower and so when I get up to shower I have to find somewhere else to hang it so it doesn't get wet and so that I can shower. I tell him to do this part himself, yet every morning what do I find? That towel taunting me. And I hate the towel too because its about a decade old and is red with some Belgian football team crest on it (surprise, surprise). He insists it is the best towel we have. I think its an eyesore.

 Please let me know which number(s) apply to that special man / woman in your life - or is it just me? Or has your partner got some uniquely annoying habits?

Plus coming soon a guest post from The Belgian himself entitled 'Payback'... 


  1. This post needs to be scrapped...a his and her's page!! I had to smile..at least yours does.... some washing!! after 20+ years of doing his washing he has had to do all of ours these past few weeks...payback me thinks!

    1. Yes that is a good idea actually Louise - I think its high time I do a layout about us with all this baby scrapping. Glad your hubby is looking after you well at the moment. x


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