15 Nov 2013

Foody Friday: Date night at Pho at Leeds Trinity

So, I am told that three date nights in three months is pretty impressive by my other mummy friends and we are lucky that we have great friends who we trust and who volunteer to babysit.
The lovely people at Pho invited me for a complimentary meal and said I could bring a plus one - which is so much better than flying solo! So date night number three was on the cards.
The mention of Pho always makes us laugh as during our road trip to California a few summers ago we were relying heavily on a guide book to find good places to stay and eat.
Upon arriving in Orange County we wanted to visit a place called 'What the Pho' and so we pounded the pavements in search of it. We asked several people who said that they had never heard of it. One shop owner even let us come in and check up on their internet. Turns out it didn't exist. The perils of a three year out of date guidebook. And half an hour we'd never get back.
So finally two years and a baby on and we got our Pho.
Only we didn't technically get any Pho...just a whole lot of starters and juice.

I am not a big seafood fan so I found some of the dishes a bit flavourless, especially the Goi Cuon (summer rolls ) however The Belgian loved the Goi Cuon Tom - a summer roll with prawn filling instead. The chilli dipping sauces did add some spice and interest to the dish.
The Cha Gio Chay (fried veggie spring rolls) were really tasty and I would definitely order them and they even had the carnivores nod of approval. High praise indeed when there was chicken, pork, prawns and squid to choose from.
We all loved the Nem Nuong (grilled pork and lemongrass meatballs) and were advised to wrap them in the lettuce leaves they were served in and then dip in the plum sauce. Very juicy and packed full of flavour.
The Muc Chien giong (tender fried baby squid with salt, pepper and lime dip) was very popular on our table and were soon just an empty platter.
The fresh juices were a real treat too and I got to try every flavour. Certainly got my five-a-day! I would recommend apple, mint and lime as it was refreshing and zingy, but the carrot, apple and ginger was warming and festive too.

We finished off our night with an oreo shake at TGI's as we were under strict orders by our babsitter to make the most of our baby free night. And so we did...and boy did we need it! 


  1. Glad to read you have had some nice time to yourselves - we love carrot, apple and ginger here too.

  2. Looks like u had a great time. Did u get my email?


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