31 Mar 2011

Pretty in Pink...

Above is the page I finished tonight for Twisted Sketches. The twist was glitter and so I used my glitter thickers and used shaped cardstock to replicate the sketch. This is a pic taken at a ball I attended years ago - in my single days. The funny thing is that three of the guys in the pic, but its still got loads of happy memories and they weren't really very serious boyf's anyways. It reminds me of the dramas and the meat market that is dating! Often with balls or nights out getting ready with your mates was the best part of the night! In other business my little sister is back in two days - yay! She has been living in Turks and Caicos since September and so it will be a very happy reunion with lots of cupcakes and cuddles - cannnooottt waaaaiiittt! Just one more day to get through of school. Thought I would also share a pic of my friend's little girl. Isn't she a little cutie? The highlight of my friend, Ellie's, birthday tea on Sunday was the chance to take pics of this little sweetie. Scrap fodder for sure. Watch this space...


  1. FANTASTIC interpretation of this Twisted Sketch! I remember the "single" days too! they were fun! but when I go out now...it's just not the same! LOL!!! TFS this!

  2. Such a pretty lo, love the background paper!

  3. great take on the sketch! thanks for sharing it with us at Twisted Sketches!

  4. OO lovely layout!
    Just to let you know I tagged you for the Kreativ blogger award here http://ciderwithsophie.blogspot.com/2011/04/kreativ-blogger-award.html



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