25 Mar 2011

She'll have fun, fun, fun till her daddy takes her t-bird away...

So this is an ironic post...since I am showcasing the above layout about a Christmas tree. Complete with lots of red glitter and tied up like a pressie...however I am going to list the Spring things making me happy this Friday... * I am running a 'pub' quiz tonight at my church and have enjoyed putting it together and quizzing the teachers on it today. The banter has been fab! We were all hit with that Friday feeling! * Listening to Beach Boys on this sunny beaut of a day * My little sis Gem is back from Turks and Caicos in the next few weeks * It has been a good week where i have been making headway with some tough groups and just really enjoying teaching and planning engaging and whizzy lessons * Summer is in sight and these light evening inspire me to go on walks and get out there! But for now I am chilling in my scrapping room and having a jolly old time....


  1. love this page, I love the cord wrapped round the pictures and your sparkly title. Hope the quiz goes well tonight, have fun! p.s are you having a joker round :)

  2. yesssssss there is nothing better than Beach Boys and Sunny days and the fact I am coming home in a week!! Love the sparkly title and glad you had a great teaching week! xxx

  3. great layout, i agree it now feels like summer is finally on the way x


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