10 Mar 2011

A month in view...

Above is a layout I made a few weeks back inspired by the sun peeking through the clouds. It is now grim and wet so it looks like I counted my chicks before they hatched! I wanted it to be a simple layout as I have been favouring these lately. I think I used a sketch or a prompt but have forgotten which now. So will post it just because. The pic was taken last summer in Knaresborough. Don't you just love daffodils? My second layout is one I have been working on for the last few MONTHS. I was keen to jump on the bandwagon as I have seen pages like these on a few of the blogs I follow. I think its a great idea to scrap the little everyday events you may not dedicate a whole page too. I am working on the feb one as we speak and am thinking March needs a bit more excitement or it will be a boring page...can you really scrap about marking, planning lessons and watching telly??!


  1. Great Layout and yes I got excited to about the sunshine and even put washing on the line to dry - then it rained :(
    I've been thinking about doing a "month in review" project - it doesnt matter what you get up to, it'll be great to look back on in a years time.

  2. I love the January sales page and the way you've divided it off into little sections, the sticker header is cool and I love the milkshake square with the torn photo and embellishments. I feel like your top page is missing a ripped piece of paper along the right hand edge! x

  3. I like the colours you've used in the first page and the flowers, i like the brown paper photo frame. The month in review page is such a good idea! its like a mini photo book on one page. I got my mini prints back from kodak but think they are smaller than the size you got, they are really mini! but quite cool x

  4. The month is review page is a great idea. Your January page turned out great! You have nice little details and I'm loving the simple design of your first layout.


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