14 Mar 2011

Choc bar cupcakes...paradise!

It was another fab afternoon at The Adelphi. There were 18 entries and the competition was very fierce! Some real effort had gone into all the entries - the challenge was chocolate bars. The above little creme egg cuties were the winner - she won a huge goodie bag with a £30 Aggra voucher (love that place!) and all sorts of cupcakey goodness! She has won three times now and so we all need to up the ante! Above were the wonka bars with a golden ticket. This lady has a special printer with edible ink - so that is how you put pictures on cakes. Gems - remember when Murray had Alex's head off the cake! The toffe crisp entry was very tasty and the chocolate orange ones were very tasty too. I didn't try these as they looked rich ,but they were very nicely presented. The picnic basket was a nice touch with the paper plate and plastic cutlery. Below are my babies, which sadly did not feature in the top 3, but I really enjoyed them and Arne said they were my best entry yet. (which is a great accolade bu a cupcake hater!) I used my sisters recipe (found here) and they were quite time consumming with three different types of filling, frosting and topping! Don't you just love the little fruit and nut bar below. I flew solo as all the teacher folk were busy, but I made friends with this great Australian couple who were great company and we round tasting together. It was a fab afternoon out!


  1. Wow this makes me so sad that ICC London is no more...I am defo starting one up in Bangor! SO impressed that you made my cupcakes! they were definitely one of the most time consuming batches I made but worth it hey - tastemeister! glad Arne approved too! it looks like there were some yummy and creative entries!

  2. All of those look so delicious! What a fun looking event.


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