10 Mar 2011

Reflecting on the beach...

I was glad for the studio challenge as my friend gave me this random photo of a beach trip a few years ago. I wanted to scrap it but couldn't think of a reason...till the prompt to scrap your age. So I chose to scrap about me at 25 when I was single and loving it (most of the time!) It was a fun year as I moved up to Leeds, started my teaching training, met lots of new friends and guys ;) and had lots of fun. I cut words out of an AC page as they linked to this year - for example 'text me.' I misted the heart as the studio gals just love a bit of misting! I also added some contrasting bunting to give the feel good summer vibe to this seaside page. I am feeling a bit lethargic at the mo and even tho it is only the second week at school it feels like the last week of term. Blah! Oh well, almost the weekend...


  1. I love the bunting! did you make it from scrapping paper and silver chord? it's a cool page but who is the girl? I really can't work it out!
    and since when did you comment on other peoples cupcake blogs before mine hobag!

  2. I love everything about this page, the bunting, the diamante, the journalling, the background paper! it all just works.. but I don't know who the girl is either!


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