7 Apr 2011

Sunshine lift my heart...

A couple of snapshots from our little family reunion with my sister and her hubby at the weekend. Those who follow my blog will know that they have been teaching in Turks and Caicos for since September and so it was lovely to see them again - all tanned and blonde. It was wierd as saying "hi" again it didn't feel as though they had been gone for ages. We made a dessert bar in Gem's honour...I will post some more close up pics at the weekend along with the recipe for my chocolate marshmallow malt cupcakes - they were delish! Back in the scrappy saddle again. As a-levels and GCSE's loom I am feeling the pressure on behalf of the kids and making sure they are ready for all their exams. Took some time out though to scrap...and catch up on Glee. This is a retro pic of my sisters and I being bridesmaids. It's a funny story as I look miserable in all the pics as I felt really sick on the day and blamed it on the hairdresser who pulled my hair back really tightly!


  1. It looks like you and your sisters had a blast and the thought of all those yummy cakes is making my tummy rumble.
    Love the layout, I really like the way you've seperated the page.
    Enjoy your weekend - Ju x

  2. A dessert bar! Wow that sounds really nice!

  3. Thanks Mel for visiting my blog!! I have enjoyed reading the last few posts on yours. I'm glad your reunion with your sister was fabulous!! LOL!!

    In reguards to the question - "Is the bunting fabric?" No. It is all pp. :) We R Memory Keepers. I've just added some foam tape between the layers. Hope you are having a great day...x


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