27 Apr 2011

Easter dessert bar...

As promised the final pics of our easter dessert bar. Above are the rabbit whoopees which my lil sis Gem made. Below are her oreo cake pops, which were my husbands fav so I will have to have a go at making them. I have tried before and they became a big sticky, sludgy mess. My older sister, Tamara, works for the English Cheesecake company and this is one of their chocolate fudge cakes. She is a new product developer and so gets to design and test out new products - is that not the BEST JOB EVER!? I don't know how she stays so slim. My humble addition to the table was the floral cookies. I included the recipe in this post if you want to try to make them. They were very easy and very tasty. Gem also made these delicious coconut cupcakes. She even made the little eggs on top with a mould and I think they look really professional. Can you see how difficult it is to diet in our family? Here's one of the finished table. We do have another sister, but she doesn't like having her picture taken, so you will rarely see her featured on my blog. But rest assured she did enjoy eating the treats. I know these are usually made for parties and events, but when our family gets together it always is an event and Gems loves featuring them on her cupcake blog. What traditions do your family have when they get together?

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  1. ooh look at all those delicious cakes, i'd say your sister has the best job ever!!


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