9 Apr 2011

Strawberry Malt Cupcake factory...

Have spent the best part of today cupcaking...phew! It's hard work! Especially using the hand mixer and having to double all the ingredients - I've never been great at Maths! Ha! I used The Primrose bakery recipe book for malted cupcakes and then the Hummingbird bakery recipe for vanilla frosting, but added some ovaltine to make it malted too. I then topped them all with half a juicy strawberry (we got a whole huge punnet of them on sale at Asda - delish!) Here the strawbs are all spilling from the punnet... I then wrapped them up in plastic party bags from Hobby Craft and tied them up with pretty ribbon. They are for all the ladies at church as a late mother's day gift from the Primary kids. Hopefully they will be appreciated - they took me all day! (Well except for the few hours that we were at the Royal Amouries where I was so annoyed as I left the camera in the car and there were loads of great photo ops!) What did you all get up to in the sunshine??


  1. Wow they look great, what a way to spend your saturday, im sure they will be appreciated x

  2. Mmmm look delicious! i thought it was strawberry buttercrean on top, did it taste like chocolate? i like the way you wrapped them up.


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