22 Oct 2010


So I am a winner on so many levels... 1) It's half term. A week off from the kids, definately not a week off from marking though. I have piles and piles to do. Groan! 2) I am off on am mini break Sunday night to Glasgow with my lovely hubby. We always love getting away and find we actually spend time with each other. Unlike when we are at home and have so many distractions. 3) Because I finally won a challenge. I was getting a bit down about my scrapping and blogging recently and feeling like it was all for nothing and I didn't have as many comments anymore and i had still never won a challenge...boo hoo hoo! So thanks Mission to Create for restoring my faith in my scrapping. I know it is a bit melodramatic cos only four people entered, but still.... So hope your all having a lucky Friday too!


  1. Congrats on your win honey, and dont feel down about your blog, I read it all the time but I'm very naughty and dont always comment [as i'm usually reading it in between two little monkeys that are trying to get my attention.]
    Your LO's are fab and I love to read about what you've been up to. [In a non-stalkerish kinda way :)]
    Have a great time in Glasgow [and take lots of photos]
    Take Care - Ju xx

  2. well done on winning! I didn't know.. the buttons look cool - have you got them yet?


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