19 Oct 2010

The one with the snickerdoodles...

So I finally found a bit of time to post some of the things I have been doing lately. Here are two pages I have been working on over the last few weeks. The first is pics of my sister and I in our gym gear. She is a complete gym buddy, but I am a bit lazier and was only in shape here as it is just before the wedding. I wish I was still this shape!! I plan to add some journalling to it later.

This second layout was inspired by Laura's title on her page. I had this pic of our rings and hasn't scrapped it - so felt it was time to do so. It came together well and I like the colour combo and use of paint and little letter stickers - cute!

So I was in need of a sugar rush as I am SERIOUSLY lacking energy this week. I can defo tell half term is just round the corner - this has been an intense half term with lots of difficult classes and heaps of marking and report writing to tip you over the edge.
I found this really easy recipe for snickerdoodle muffins packed with sugary, cinamony (sp??) goodness!! Don't you just love the cute little cases. My mom got them for me at Morrissons. I took a batch of these home with me at the weekend and they didn't last long.
We also saw Annie the musical on the Friday night and it was soooo amazing - I had to resist singing along to every song. It's such a fab story! The acting was top notch too, especially Sue Pollard as Miss Hannigan!
I am excited as we have just booked a little mini break to Glagow next week. Yay!
What are you guys excited about?


  1. How great are your techniques for the layouts! I love the colors and the titles on both. :) Those baked goods look YUMMY!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. :)

    <3 Darlene

    PS. I can totally relate to the school overload! :)

  2. I can't believe since I last went online you've done 5 posts! got alot to catch up on :) I LOVE these two pages! the snickerdoodle muffins look yummy- I've got those cases too - they're cool aren't they? the pink and the grey colour scheme works so well on the ring page and I love the title and the circle swirl on work it- I want these pics to scrap too! Please..... :)


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