31 Oct 2010


Hmmm maybe no pics of the Ghost Walk in York as the camera I borrowed from the media department at work doesn't do so well in the dark. Exciting news though...a digital SLR is winging its way to me this week, after an ebay bid off! Yay! So another indulgence of mine in the hols has been this programme... So today I made squash and spinach risotto (not my actual pic -thanks google!) using the new tips I got from watching Jamie make his mushroon risotto. It was my most delicious risotto yet - and it is one of my speciality dishes. Instead of just oinion I used garlic and ginger as well. I added the stock directly to the risotto instead of making up the stock in the measuring jug first. Then the special touch - you take it off the heat, add more hot water as it should be like a wave with still some liquid, then I added butter and lots of parmesan. It was really ouzy, creamy and delish. So have a go!
Then he also features a quick and easy banoffi pie which Arne had a go at making, but I didn't like it with the shop brought flan base - it didn't taste right. So we had friends over for dinner last night and I made banoffi pie in a wine glass. I started off with two ginger nuts blitzed with a bit of butter, then dulche lech from a can (none of the boiling for three hours like I used to) then slices of banana, then two bananas blitzed with double cream and whipped. Then some chocolate grated on the top.
It took literally ten mins and tasted soooo good.
So there you go some good back to school meal ideas...and you all thought all I could do was scrap and bake....
Coming soon - pumpkin cupcakes which were a raving success and my best cupcakes yet!


  1. I love this programme too. I'm going to give that Banoffee a try. we had the cheesecakes (lemon and raspberry) and they were divine.
    I might try that Morrocan feast he prepped!
    Ghost fest sounds great. Hoping your camera arrives soon!

  2. mmm that risotto looks gorgeous! makes me want to eat it now! I made a sausage stew/casserole on sunday which was quite nice- lots of flavour from herbs and onion- a nigel slater recipe.. x


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