10 Oct 2010

Come dine with me...

The hubster outdid himself this year - he organised a "surprise" birthday dinner party for me. He spent all Friday night and Saturday slaving over the oven preparing a delicious feast/ Starter: Spicy pumpkin soup Main: A whole variety of pasta and sauces like bolognase, spinach and walnut, lemon and roasted pumpkin Desert: Lemon roulade and ben and jerry's half baked My mom always got us fancy candles for our birthdays and without knowing this, this was my candle: Explosive hey?! Here is the spread:
A not very flattering pic of the two of us - sadly the only one we have. With my huge box of choccies from Thorntons (guess the diet starts tomorrow hey?!)
These cupcakes were a surprise pressy from my sister Gem's who is currently living it up in Turks and Caicos Island, but arranged to have these baked by a lady in Harrogate. How cool is the swirly icing - I can only dream of being able to pipe like that!
All in all a fabby birthday weekend. Some scrapping to show soon of pics from my actual birthday - so check back soon!

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