26 Oct 2010

Aye it was a pure dead brilliant mini break...

So returned earlier from a brilliant little mini break in Glasgow. We always like to get away for a few days and chill out whilst exploring somewhere new and so headed for Scotland. We have tried country breaks, but seem to much prefer the city breaks. So where does every good city break start...? Cake of course. This parsnip and vanilla cake was divine and I am now devising some cupcakes from it - watch this space! The science museum was a big hit with us. It was full of kids, but then I always say if you can't beat em join em!! So here we are playing with the exhibits- it is a really interactive museum and I would highly recommend a visit.
The wheels on the bus...
Floating heads...all a trick with mirrors...
In our geeky hats at the museum....
My feet were killed and so we chilled out on the tour bus for a while and saw some interesting parts of Glasgow.
This was our hotel on the left. A great location and top rate facilities. We don't have cable or sky at home so always enjoy this luxury when away. We watched some old skool movies like Ten Things I Hate About You (still love it even tho I know every word!) and Dangerous Minds.
Arne was being camera shy and so here is a rare photo....which I tricked him with! I was soooo excited to find a South Indian restaurant as ever since a girly break in Notts I was desperate to try it again. It's really light, fruity and has lots of veggie dishes.
Me with my huge dopza. A rice pancake filled with curried potatoes and peas. Delish!
So there we go more scrap fodder. We also had a big shopping spree in Primark and now both have snuggly Christmasy jumpers for the winter months. I am wearing mine now and will post a pic of it soon - it is just too cute for words and so snuggly! Yum! Holidays are coming....


  1. I want snuggly pyjamas to feel like the holidays are coming!! A hot christmas is going to be so weird! p.s those were not my 'hotpants' they are my boardshorts for swimming! I only wore them as we were going swimming, I don't just stroll around in them just so you know! Can't wait to see the photos you scrap from this, you'll have to tell me more about the bus tour...skype me soon xxxx

  2. How cute are you both! This looks like such a perfect day. :)

  3. looks like you had a fun time -I love your hair in the restaurant and the colour looks good - is that what you did in Hodnet? xx


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