29 Oct 2010

Got the blazing blues...

I was fed up yesterday after a WHOLE day of marking books and grading assessments - yawn...marking is definately the most boring part of teaching. Plus its meant to be the holidays, right? So we wanted to do something fun last night as I had been stuck inside all day. Arne did a bit of googling and found this... On at the Alambra in Bradford a street dance sensation performing for an hour and a half on stage. It was amazing! The lighting and music was so effective and the routines were funny and fast paced, with funky costumes. Loved it! I have also snatched a few minutes to finish two pages I have been working on. First up is the page from the last Iron Cupcake I took part in. I came third overall, but was dissapointed as the pictures I took on my phone came out pixilated - hey ho! I used the actual sign I made for the contest and cut some cute monsters out my cardstock. The second layout is quite a simple one of some of the guests at my recent birthday do. I was using a sketchy thursday's sketch, but ended up missing the deadline on that one. Still a great sketch which helped me fit loads of pics on the layout. Check out my new heart buttons I got for my brithday from my sister -thanks Mara!
Any halloween plans then? We are off for the ghost tour in York....pics to follow soon...


  1. Great LO's mel and how lucky are you to watch a street dancing show and a ghost tour in one week.
    We've got lots of Halloween parties going on, two down only one to go.
    Take care - Ju xx

  2. love the bunting on the cookie monster page, is that the lace tape I got you on the guest page as well - looks cool - wasn't sure how it would look on paper. Good to say you're using lots of my presents!


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