1 May 2010

Spring cleaning and all that jazz!

So we are in the midst of a huge cleaning frenzy ready for my family (minus three members) coming to visit for the weekend. We have done crazy things never previously attempted in our little "pent house" like cleaning the windows with a spray and wiping down the skirting boards! It was pretty mucky, but the house smells fresh as a daisy now and is sparkling like a diamond! So feeling very satisfied and before I head out to Waitrose for icecream I thought I would show you todays purchases. I felt mom would appreciate some of the love from The Sunshine Bakery and so stocked up on their lush cupcakes and some whoopee pies too. The one on the left is banana and mango, in the middle it is strawberry and rhubarb (with Yorkshire rhubarb) and then double chocolate. I am thinking two whoopee pies is not enough for five of us, especially since I wolfed one down in the car - ooopps! Then inspired by Rachel's blog post I decided I needed to get to the Wittard's sale and pick up some of this lush china at half price. Loving the diamond design...I was keen to jazz up our kitchen as our current crockery is just white and quite posh - a wedding gift.
My fav piece - the star mug. I think Gem's (my lil sis) will wish she liked hot drinks, just for this mug!
Here it all is glistening in the sunlight having been washed ready to use. We got four plates, two mugs, and four cereal bowls. Rachel has pretty much cleared them out! I really wanted the stripy ones with a white middle and the pasta bowls, but they didn't have any. They gave me a special leaflet tho to get free online postage and 20% off if I order online - hello! So that is my next stop...
So all in all a fab Saturday which can only get better with the arrival of my family and Britains Got Talent. I am easily pleased hey!? Hope you have all enjoyed the start of your bank hols.
P.S Welcome to my new follower - things are on the up!


  1. Love the new stripy plates and mugs! Were they really good prices? I was hoping to see pics of the whoopie pies - the cupcakes look gorgeous especially the mango & banana one - yum! hope you have a fun weekend x

  2. They were half price so £2 for the plate and bowl. Maybe not as cheap as Ikea but I thought they were really fun. I will take a pic of the whoopee pie - they are basically chewy cookies with ganache in the middle.
    Any ideas for the Fairtrade themed iron cupcake next week? x

  3. Fairtrade thats a weird theme! what night is it? i can send you some fairtrade sugar and vanilla flavour from work - what are you supposed to decorate it with though! Fairtrade chocolate is obvious answer but everyone will prob do that. What about something with fairtrade bananas?! they come up with good themes at yours - the one for May in London is fruit - boring!

  4. Oh man!!! could I BE any more jealous!! I want to be part of the family arriving to an array of delish looking cupcakes and whoopies! I am loving the new crockery and you are right I want that mug! how Americana can you get! Mango and banana sounds interesting...could be a good idea for your entry for Iron cupcake Mar?! Have fun with the fam, wish we could be there too xxxx


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