15 May 2010

Mirror Images...

So none of you part-timers guessed the other part of my title. It was mirror images as one day on our Europtrip to Brugges we were both wearing the same colours - we failed to get a photo op of us all together and so had to settle for these. We were showcasing our apple fritters (or whatever they call them in Holland!) I have been working on this page all week trying to make sure I fitted all the concepts in. Lots of layering and my fav colours to scrap with. The interview style journalling is a reconstruction of a convo us sisters have all the time. We always joke about wearing each others clothes and copying each others styles. The glimmer mist was used to create the stencil concept.
Stars are one of my fav shapes. The top one is a pendant from an old necklace of mine. I always keep random bits like that as you never know when they'll come in handy.
Thanks Mission to Create! x


  1. I love love love this page!! I want a colour copy! it all works so well and I love the matching pics side by side and the convo made me laugh! I had thought it was going to be 'mirror on the wall', I think Mar guessed mirror images tho so points for her. I've got to admit when I saw the little snippit I wasn't too impressed but wow look how the page has changed! it's awesome, good work! xxx

  2. Lovin' your page!!!! One detail I really like is how you outlined the strip journalling strips..it really makes them stand out!!

    Thank for playing along at Mission Create!


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