10 May 2010

A "mint" day out...

So it was cupcake contest number two. Zara (my sister-in-law) came along and we had a jolly old day. These little bad boys won an on the spot prize for the cutest sign... These came second place and were very yummy...plus presented in a cute way..
Me (at a funny angle!) with my little cupcake stand...
Zara enjoying the tasting experience....
A close-up of my babies. A chocolate sponge with peppermint buttercream and then swirls of dark chocolate and mint aero. I used silicone cases and so they just popped out. Very cool. The recipe was adapted from here. I enede up making a cream cheese frosting as I prefer it and then I didn't put the chocolate ganache on as I thought it might melt them.
I was given false hope of coming in the top three as Zara heard whispers of "have you tried the green ones?" etc and then I didn't :( but it was a great day out and we were thoroughly stuffed by the end!
Next months theme is pink and blue and all proceeds go to Cancer Relief.....Any ideas let me know...I am thinking strawberries and blueberries...A "berry" good cause!


  1. 'berry good' i like it! what about blue and pink smarties? you always have cool themes, our next theme is 'celebrate' as its the one year anniversary so basically anything goes! i like the way you get to decorate the plates and make signs - yours look yum x

  2. I like the star ones! wish you could've joined us at Iron cupcake London last night too! x

  3. Yeah I thought you'd be pleased with the linkage! so sorry about the ranking! I'm not sure I'll be able to make it next month...By reminded me it's my birthday month so lots of trips and travelling mean Leeds will be off financial limits but hopefully for July! I wasn't really feeling the pink and blue theme anyway so I'm hoping for a better one in July! xxx

  4. I quite enjoyed the strawberry ones, they were super sugary which I love! but the others on my table deemed them 'too sugary' and weren't fans! The peach and cinnamon was gorge..it even had juicy peach filling in the middle. It was baked by a Canadian who came and sat with us cause she was by herself! I was definitely pleased by her company as she told me of this Chinese superstore that sells A&W for 58p - proper bargain! there's one in London, Birmingham and Manchester, I can't wait to pay them a visit! I couldn't voice my true feelings about some of the cupcakes I ate last night as I now have quite alot of Iron Cupcake bakers following my blog, so have to watch out for hurt feelings and all!! but one of them made me sick in my mouth ughhhh! x

  5. I like the idea of berry good! I also love how quaint the cupcake event was! Im very jealous! I love your scrapbooking pages too! Especially the spring feeling one! Out of interest what do you do with them all? Frame them? Give them as presents? Are they on A3 size? You are my new hero! xxxx


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