29 May 2010

I HEART cupcakes...

So this is based on this sketch. It is a pic taken at Angel Bakery in Brighton on one of our weekends away. The theme was new and so I thought of my new obsession. I drew round a dinner plate and then cut it out and divided it into four. I made ribbon tabs to border the purple section. At the moment I feel a layout is not complete without flowers. I cut a flower from the alpha cardstock and then layered it with a glittery flower.
These wordstrips are about how my sisters and I always get obsessed with our hobbies and don't do things by halves. I used a scattering of heart shaped brads to mirror the sprinkles on the cupcake.
The title is made of rootbeer alphas and then alpha stamps. The round tag is from a gift we got given at our wedding - I feel that polka dots and cupcakes go hand in hand (the perfect pair!) I edged this quarter in glitter glue.
It looks fab hanging on the wall. I think I will make some more layouts like this. Let me see if you have any success with circular pages...


  1. I like the way you underlined the writing, it makes it stand out more...and I'm always a sucker for journalling strips. Love the sticker title - you must have SO many different alphabets these days! and i like the sprinkle effect you created with brads..I only just realised it matches the sprinkles on the cupcake - you know I'm a fan of co-ordination!!! x

  2. What a super FUN & FABULOUS layout! really fantastic work! TFS!!!

  3. great page, thanks for getting twisted with us :)

  4. such much detail! Great Job!


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