14 May 2010

We all live in a yellow submarine...

So I couldn't resist scrapping this delish sketch as it was full of my fav shape to scrap with - circles. I chose a "vintage" pic of my sisters, gran and I at the model village near Oxford. I cherish any pics with our gran as she lives in South Africa and so we hardly ever get to see her. The title was inspired by our yellow sundresses and lollies. I love my face in this pic! I was pleased with my uber layered flower. I even topped it with a button and a gem. I inked all of the circles to make them stand out and to give the impression of depth. I matted the photo on some foam from packaging and like the border it gives and how it makes the photo * pop *
An extreme close-up of the flower. Wish I had a better camera.
I doodled round the edge of the page with fake stitching. I usually ink the edges of a page, but wanted to try something different as i had inked a lot on the page.
These aren't colours I usually scrap with, but I enjoyed working with them. My new fav thing to do it to make suns with circles. I punch out loads of contrasting circles and matt a piece of cardtock on top so they peak out. I guess it looks like a scalloped edge - but is the cheats way of doing it.
Looking at it now I am pretty sure the ribbon isn't straight. But I do favour the "shabby chic" approach and never use a ruler to scrap with. That would be too much like maths and I always
* hated * maths!
The post title reminds me of another childhood memory. We always used to sing that song in the car and then say "except Alli whose drowning in the sea" or whichever sister was annoying us at the time - usually Alli! Aren't kids funny? And mean!!
So give me a holler...let me know what you think....


  1. I love everything about this page! good work! I love the title and the way you've interpreted the colour theme, love all the circles in varying patterns and love your handmade sun! I also love the fake stitching effect and the photo of your cute little self - there is a girl in the reception class at school who looks exactly like you when you were this age, it's so cute to see mini Mel wondering around school! xxx i hope you win!

  2. oh, such a wonderful job on the latest twisted sketch! fab details! love your flower! TFS!

  3. wow lovely page hun, those flowers look great x

  4. that turned out adorable, so many little details. I love the muted color scheme 2! thanks for playing!


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