29 Apr 2010

Things that made me smile this week...

1) Julie and Julia - obsessive blogger remind you of anyone? It almost causes her husband to leave her...I know Arne gets annoyed when the first thing I do when we get in is see if I have any blog love!
2) Arne's teapot pose...he usually does it to make me laugh when he's been naughty. I see it frequently, but it still cracks me up. I will have to make a page about it.
3) Finishing The Time Travellers Wife - I have adored it. I don't know whether I want to watch the film now. People have told me I won't enjoy it as much.
4) My naughty year 8 boys acting out a scene from The Tempest. Drunkenly staggering on stage, having a mini water fight and romping under a blanket. It was pretty cute.
5) Taking ten year 10 lads to Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a poetry workshop. They wrote some fab stuff - really sensitive. It was such a great day. Gave me the warm fuzzies. Especially since they are the "bad lads" around school. Their fav sculpture was the HAHA bridge - it can't fail to make you smile!


  1. I always love your blog posts mel I look at them frequently :D but that bridge is AWESOME! I didnt even realise till you pointed it out.

  2. haha I'm not even sure if I've seen Arne's teapot pose before but I can sooo imagine it! I didn't think the Time Traveller's Wife movie was that great...pretty overrated actually!

  3. The time travellers wife didn't make me smile, it made me cry! Glad you enjoyed it. Is Julia and Julia good? Have you seen the film leap year - watched it this week its funny!


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