4 Apr 2010

Hey now you're an All Star...

So firstly hope you like my new look blog. I am staying at my little sister Gem's and she redid it for me as my old background said Happy New Year and was a bit past it now!!! I thought this look very scrappy and vintage. Easter holidays could not have come a day sooner! Phew that last few days was a struggle to get up and get motivated. Day after end of term we headed down to London (a very looonng and tiring journey with lots of speed limits - sooo annoying!) We had a fab day on Friday involving a meal at Belgo (a Belgian restaurant in Covent Garden) and a wander round some cute shops and Whole Food London's best kept secret. We met up with my best school friend Kim and her American hubby Tom. It was great to see them again. The best day of all was Saturday when we headed to All Stars Bowling Alley in Holborn. I had been wanting to go for ages. My sisters and I all love anything American dineresque and this did not dissapoint. Lots of root beer floats, burgers and fries and all that good stuff. The best part was that we had to dress in charity shop finds. We each picked someones name out and had to pick an outfit for them. Oh it was hilar! Mara picked me a rather "fetching" two piece suit that looked like it was made from a bad pair of 80s curtains Pics to follow, but suffice to say it was a great day out. We got the idea from this fab blog and we did the m&m idea too with different colours dictating how we should bowl, but the boys didn't wanna do this as it messed
up their high scores!allstarlanes.gif (440×279)
img_allstarrestWC1_160.jpg (160×160)
Allstar.jpg (500×375)
I would highly recommend it to all - have a great Easter Sunday bloggers! xx


  1. ooh looks like lots of fun, loving the blog x

  2. Happy Easter, love the new look blog! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! x

  3. That is SO awesome that you did this date! It takes guts to walk around in crazy outfits, huh! Only the brave....or crazy can do the "Funky Town Date"....welcome to the club! {LOL}

    Thanks for letting us know about it! We love that readers are actually doing the dates we come up with...so fun! Luvs, Tara


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