8 Apr 2010

'Brighton'ing up our Bank Holiday...

So it will have to go in reverse order...! These are my first trial for the Iron Cupcake contest in Leeds. They are rootbeer flavoured batter and icing with cola popping candy and cola bottles on top. They are the most delicious cupcakes i have ever made - really light and fluffy and a good chocolate flavour. They would look better if the icing was piped on but it was a bit soft as I had to use marg not butter!
Arne and I at a random little Lebanese restaurant in Brighton on Tuesday.
The most ridiculously chocolatey coconut cake from a cafe in Brighton called Choccywoccydooda. Have you seen their wedding cakes?? They specialise in really indulgent, chocolate creations but this looked good but tasted so sickly. I hate the combo of chocolate and strawberry sauce anyways. It was funny anyways...
And as promised our ridiculous charity shop outfits when we went to All Star Bowling lanes in Holborn - isn't this just waiting to be scrapped?! Any suggestions for good ranges to scrap it with?
I had forgotten just how amazing Brighton is. All it needs is a scrapbook shop and it is my fav shopping destination! The lanes are so exciting to travel down and all the shops are cute little gift shops and one off's not nasty high street chains like you get in most British high streets...snore! We really enjoyed getting away in the sunshine for a few days.
Hope you all had a fab bank holiday too! x


  1. Oh my goodness... that food looks just delicious. Wow! Thanks for the comment on my blog. The stamps are a hostess set from Stampin Up!

  2. Wow love the arty shot of the cupcakes and the root beer bottle!! sorry I forgot to give you the piping bag! I'm sure you'll win without it! what recipe did you use for the piping? I can give you one that will produce thicker icing than what you have at the moment. Wish I could be going to Iron CC with you...good luck! xxx

  3. P.s I actually think people would pay you to come up with captions for them, love the caption of this post!

  4. Yay for Brighton! I live just outside of Brighton and agree that if it had a scrapbooking shop it would be even more fabulous... if it could be anyway! Love it.


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