16 Apr 2010

Sunshine, sweet treats and cheesy smiles...

I insisted that we make the most of the last day of the easter hols and so we headed to Chapel Allerton and Roundhay Park. Since Iron Cupcake (check out the pics from last months) I was keen to try out the delicacies in Sunshine Bakery and boy I was not disappointed. I would even go so far as to say they were the BEST CUPCAKES I have ever tasted - quite a feat! So here is our little feast complete with my fav ginger beer and Hibiscus tea (a little strange, but strangely moorish!) My Eton Mess cupcake. The "frosting" was ganache with white choc and strawberry puree and a little meringue on top - how cute! It tasted divine - he says the secret is almonds in the batter/ Pretty flowers in Roundhay Park... Me posing in the sunshine. It was thumbs down to photos of Arne today! New scrap fodder and a fab little outing. I would recommend the bakery to all you Northerners. It is so reasonably priced compared to cupcakeries in London and Brighton we visited recently. They also do whoopee pies and so we got one just to try and it was soooo good - reminded me a bit of oreo cookies, but softer. Gems you have to come and visit now! xxx


  1. Ah mate did you say eton mess cupcakes and whoopie pies???! I'm there...you don't have to ask me twice! will defo need to roadtrip up there soon and check it out. I love the pic of you, your turquoise sleeves and matching pumps make me proud! x

  2. oooh looks fun im right on top of roundhay park x


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