12 Apr 2010

Cola cupcakes for my cupcake contest...

My sisters have been going to the Iron Cupcake contest for a few months now and kept urging me to go to the one in Leeds - so I did. Even though cupcakes aren't really my forte. I made chocolate and coke cupcakes with coke and vanilla frosting and sherbet on top with a fizzy cola bottle. They tasted darn good. Even Arne like them and he is a big critic of my baking! It was fab and I have realised I need to up the ante for next month as competition was stiff. I am so taking my own cake stand too! These were strawberry bon bon (the theme was retro sweets!) This was the winning entry - rhubarb and custard... These are my little babies... A close up showing the glistening of the sherbet... I had to go all by myself as all my girls were out of town and the Belgian was slobbing out in front of the footy. In fact I was so annoyed by him I pretended I wasn't going and snuck out and listened to Avril Lavinge the whole way to Leeds - my most man hating CD! But when I got there and got chatting to all the lovely people I was fine and I picked up lots of top tips. I made friends with David who runs Sunshine Bakery in Chapel Allerton and am looking forward to checking it out later this week. This easter break seems to be going on for for weeks...and I have hardly scrapped...baking is taking over...eeek!

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