19 Feb 2010

I could not ask for more...

8 easy steps for making a slushy wedding page:- 1) Get inspired by a cheesy song from Lord of the Rings by Sarah Evans 2) Pick your cardstock - stripes are always a vibrant pattern 3) Break up the stripes with another colour - silver is quite neutral and the hearts tie the marriage theme in. An extra bonus is if its wrapping paper from your actual wedding gift! 4) A little purple plague with handwritten journalling on is perfect to explain the context of the picture. Inking is of course essential to make it "pop!" Thread it with the ribbon used on your wedding invites because you love it (and not because you have reels of it knocking around your stash!)
5) Pick a variety of different lettering to give the long title some more interest. Use chipboard to add dimension to the page. Use a bright pink brad to make it stand out and co-ordinate with the lettering below (see step 8)
6) Choose purple to mat the photo as it is the colour of the cravat. Decide it is too dull next to the silver and introduce some punched bright pink circles to border the pic. Decide to cover the scrapping wall with some turquoise ribbon tied with a pipe cleaner to add some interest and texture to the layout. Sew a heart button onto the bottom circle as you can't resist hearts!
7) At the last minute decide some paint would really jazz up the top of the page. Spell the title in stickers and then mixing purple and turquoise acrylic paint dab it on with a washing up sponge (clean of course!) and then wait (but not too long as I am impatient) for it to dry and very carefully peel them back.
8) Now you have used all of the lettering you can imagine you still have the last word to scrap. Decide upon the fushia pink of the button holes. Cut out by hand and then doodle with black pen. Step back and admire the beauty!
So check it out on my fav competition blog - http://scrappingthemusic.blogspot.com/


  1. I love love love this page! I really hope you win this one! The colour combo on the page works great and it definitely works with different lettering, the pink edge on the photo really makes the pic stand out and the heart button is awesome! I especially like the 'plague' what a classic! and I enjoyed the step by step how to for a cheesy wedding page..who knew you'd turn so cheesy in your old age! xxx

  2. What a great page!!! I especially love your title!! I love the 8 easy steps too!! Way fun! Thanks for joining in the fun at Scrapping the Music!!!

  3. Loving your Layout!Beautiful colors and your use of different alpha's is stunning..love it! Thank you so much for joining us at Scrapping The Music this week!


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