27 Feb 2010


I have been annoyed at myself for many reasons this week. I did some fab scrapping (the week before as it was half term) for all sorts of challenges and sketch blogs. Then I pasted them all up on my blog and forgot to link them to the challenge. So I felt it was all a waste of time even tho I do have pretty layouts to coo over now. I have also started a few this week and failed to finish them. I had a stinking back to school cold at the start of the week and was struggling to sleep and so have been grouchy and not teaching to the best of my ability. It is one of those jobs where you never feel on top of it and I hate that and find it frustrating. I haven't enjoyed teaching this week like I normally do. So...I rewarded myself to a whole morning in bed with pastries, innocent smoothies (in their cute new trial packs - check em out) and the Saturday paper. It was lush. For once the Belgian was out of bed before me. A real first. SO now I am faced with what to do...I have just been inspired by Rachel's page and all her scrapping so will have to get my act together...I am keen to try the poloriod style pics. Another funny thing happened this week, the girls at school made a facebook page in admiration of my hubby (or rather his bum!) hahah! He was so chuffed as it has 79 followers, but he has had to report it and the shy little girl that started it has to close it. I searched high and low on facebook but there is no page in homage to me! :( Perhaps I have lost my appeal now I teach with my hubby! xxx

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  1. Man what a moaner..get over it and get scrapping! I've been checking out your blog all week waiting for your latest layouts! check out my brownie balls xxx


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