28 Feb 2010

Engagements, Chinese Temples and cake...what more could you ask for?

Firstly I will start with the actual scrapping - a page from our honeymoon when we went on a bike ride to the local market and the tour guide took us to this Chinese temple on a detour. It was stunning and we climbed all the way to the top. I used the red from the pics for the chipboard lettering I painted some red and left some white - I think it looks really effective. Then I backed one pic in yellow and brought it together with a yellow flower and a turquoise border strip with an oriental dragon pattern on it. Overall not colours I would usually use together, but I think it works well and am pleased with it.
On Wednesday night I went to The Art of Gateaux baking with the charasmatic guy from Patisserie Veniosse in Otley. He showed us how to make black forest gateaux, cheesecake and a fruit gateaux. He uses soooo much cream and the biggest bar of chocolate you can imagine for the chocolate curls on top and round the sides. We were amazed. He passed round a little tester of his yummy chocs and my mouth was totally watering for more. He sells his cakes for £34 each! But he did us a special of a fiver for a quarter. There were 40 ladies there and only 3 cakes so I missed out, but Martha and Sally took a big chunk home for their other halves. I am keen to try it now, but he made it look so easy and I don't think mine will look half as good!
Yay Laura got engaged in Paris on valentines day. How romantic! So we all went out for Tapas in Leeds to celebrate it. The fake rose made a good little prop for the budding bride to be. She wants my help with invites and favours and things - all the little details that make the day special, unique and memorable.

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  1. I like the journey the road slogan and the polka dot strip of course, the lettering is very cool too! so shall we expect a gateaux cupcake for your entry for Iron Cupcake then?! looked like fun! xxx


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