20 Mar 2014

The nappy changing saga...

So apart from his first nappy changing experience (which was clearly traumatic) I have always been rather smug about the fact that The Baby is mostly angelic when it comes to changing his nappy.

However, since he started having lots of tummy time and then crawling he seems to have become allergic to lying on his back. This poses a problem:

a) In the bath - plenty of face planting
b) At baby sensory - lots of laps of the room and 'mouth to mouth' with the baby sensory doll instead of looking adoringly at me as I sing and sign to him
c) When changing his nappy - he is constantly rolling over onto his tummy - or worse crawling off. Not pleasant when it is a dirty nappy.

Methods I have found to distract him (which have worked with varying success) :-

  • His favourite toy for him to grab - like his flashing, baby sensory ball
  • A Disney song playing on the laptop - he likes Aladdin (thanks for this Nancy!)
  • Daddy pulling faces at him
  • One of us holding him down (not his favourite, but necessary sometimes)
  • His own pack of wet wipes to play with
  • Singing to him 
  • Also turning it into a game is fun and when I wipe him with a wet wipe or apply nappy cream I always say, "cold, cold, cold" in a funny voice and it seems to make him laugh.

Have you seen the great new range of baby products from Zinplex? I was sent a box to play with and we love them round here (The Baby is very keen on the box they came in!) They are doing great deals on them over at Wauwaaa  - your one stop shop for baby products, baby advice and blog posts from mummy's just like you. At first I wasn't keen on the name as 'bum' was always a rude word in our house growing up. But combined with the cute cartoons and simple packaging it adds an element of fun. 

Information on the company:

Zinplex products have shown amazing results in skin care, general health and fitness. The Idea of Zinplex was born in 1985 as a result of several leading articles describing the essential benefits and uses for the unique combination of Zinc supplementation.

They are especially good if your baby has sensitive skin. Our baby has responded well to it and so far we have avoided the dreaded nappy rash. The spray (which I have never seen before on the market) had a nice scent and was especially useful with those weaning nappies - which don't always smell of roses let me tell you.  So head on over to check out the amazing deals.

Any tips on changing a little wriggler?

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