25 Mar 2014

Homemade Mother's Day Gift Tutorial

So my previous post may have led you to believe that I am all about the presents, but I am bringing you this post to prove that the best things in life are free. In fact I think one of my mom's favourite gifts was the year I was uni when I secretly came home really late on the Saturday night and left a note on the doorstep telling her to check in my room. And there I was still in bed. Probably still asleep. We were able to go to church together and then I made her my specialty risotto and she loved this more than anything. Or so she said! 

So I had a pile of Project Life Blush cards (which are currently 25% off at Hobby Craft, all you UK crafters), some stamps, an ink pad, wood veneers and washi tape and I started creating.

On each card I stamped one of the things that I love about her and then embellished it. Some of them I decorated with photos of her grandson and also me when I was younger.

I then made a hole in the corner of each card with a hole punch (mine was a mini star punch) and tied them together with bakers twine to make a cute little booklet.

  This would be an ideal project to make with younger family members.
In fact I am making it with some teenage girls on Thursday night.
Along with some cupcakes or cookies - I haven't decided yet! 
Anyone have a good recipe?


  1. That's a gorgeous gift Mel, you mum will love it x x

  2. Yes - this would be a great one to make with the Guides. I like it a lot! Funny, TSO had to write out what she liked about her Mum for her German conversation test this week - maybe I could persuade into making a permanent record :)

  3. This is a lovely idea and one I am sure she will appreciate. I like the little photos on them too.


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