21 Mar 2014

Friday Finds: Mother's Day Wishlist

So I keep getting emails reminding me about Mother's Day offering deals on flowers or canvas' and I started to think about what to get for my mom. Then it hit me this year I will be a mum and so I will (hopefully) be getting a present from The Baby The Belgian. 

To be fair he does owe me one as I never got a 'pushing present' like some of my mummy friends did. I also didn't get the Valentines card he kept promising me and had to settle for a message on a whiteboard. Tacky. So here is my wish list - now if only he read my blog!

1) Amy Tangerine's Plus One Project Life kit - this could be a tricky one as it seems to be out of stock just about everywhere in the UK.

 2) Dear Lizzie's Daydream Project Life kit - again sold out in most UK retailers. Why do we always want what we can't have?

3) One day we will find our dream house in our budget (sigh - could be a blog post coming on this soon) and I want one of everything below for our lounge. I especially love the polka dot cushion and the 'do what you love' print.

4) My blogging friend Rachel introduced me to the joys of Pandora and on perusing their website I have fallen in love with this pendant. It would go with everything and add the wow factor to any outfit.

5) Pepperberry Dandelion Jersey Dress - the picture does not do it justice as it is a bit small and goes pixelated when I try to make it bigger. It is in their sale and would be perfect for when I start back at work.

What is on your wish list?


  1. I hope you get something nice to help celebrate your first Mothers Day. The one thing I always hope for is someone else to do the cooking for the day - sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't

  2. That's a list which I hope Someone is reading and can deliver for you :). I am going to be on a crafty weekend, so I will settle for some nice texts :).

  3. Hope you enjoy your first Mother's Day. It's not so much about a pressie for me (although that's a bonus...and I'd have to be very lucky) it's more about them doing something for me x x


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