14 Mar 2014

Project Life with Kraft

I did a swap with an instagram friends of mine who was struggling to make Kraft work for her. I was always attracted to the bright colours and geometric patterns but could not justify buying another core kit so instead I am swapping plenty of Blush and Jade for other collections to get some variety.

I know that some crafters find Kraft trickier to co-ordinate with other sets because it has a creamy base colour and the others are white, however it all works so well together that I didn't find this an issue. I am still scrapping my back catalogue and so this layout is all The Baby's first visit to my parents house in Shropshire last August.

I love the diamond patterned card and felt all it needed to set it off was a wood veneer star. I also love those vellum letter stickers and used them to do a little title for the card. Also the xoxo washi tape from Studio Calico? Hello!

You may wonder who that is dressed like a girl? Well its my little boy! My older sister volunteered to do the night feeds and so I happily accepted. Turns out he needed a whole outfit change and they didn't want to wake me so mom went and checked her stash and it was full of girls clothes just 'in case' The Baby had been a girl! It was a funny sight to wake up to! The 'let me explain' card worked very well as a journalling prompt to go with the photo.

This is the other side of the double spread. I was able to use the backs of a lot of the cards. I often find that most of the cards are vertical and can struggle with page protectors like this one that have a lot of horizontal spreads - but Kraft had enough to use.

Most of the embellishments are from my Studio Calico kit. I love all the little bits and pieces and feel very tempted to sign up for the Freckled Fawn kit but think that The Belgian would hit the roof as he was demanding to know what Studio Calico was when we got our last bank statement! We have compromised that I will sell the bits of the kit that I don't use or want, so if you want to pick up an ebay bargain the Sugar Rush kit is going here. I am also selling partial kits of Project Life cards - all supplementing my measly maternity pay!

My week has involved visiting a nursery, lots of park time, fish and chips and lots of debating about houses.
We are off to Leeds museum today - lets hope its interactive enough for the Little Wriggler!
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. these bright cards are lovely and you have mixed them up so well. Have a lovely weekend. We have no3 sons 10th birthday friends celebrations tomorrow and rugby on Sunday...miles away from home! x

  2. Looks lovely! I had a laugh at that story about the dress :)


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